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Work at Spirit Remembering

A three-day conference examining the deeper historical challenges facing Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries.

If you are interested in the conference, please see the programme and send your application. We will keep you informed and send a detailed programme and instructions after your application.

Attention: This time the conference takes place in the Waldorf School, Prague 5 - Jinonice, map

Please send your applications until September 15th 2020.

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Terry Boardman

Terry Boardman

I am a freelance lecturer, author and translator (from German and Japanese), my wife is Japanese and we have a 30 year-old son who lives in Australia, with his wife and two daughters.

Markus Osterrieder

Markus Osterrieder

Freelance international historian, lecturer and teacher – from Norway to Iran and from Ireland to Russia. His particular interest is in the spiritual, cultural and geopolitical relationships between America, Europe, the East and Eurasia. He is currently working on the historical origins of the Grail epic in the cultures of western and eastern Christianity as well as in (esoteric) Islam and Judaism.

Richard Ramsbotham

Richard Ramsbotham

A writer and theatre practitioner living in the UK. He is currently directing Rudolf Steiner's 4th Mystery Drama. Both in his writing and his performance pieces (e.g. Who Wrote Bacon? and I am Andrej Belyj) he has been exploring for many years “true and false paths” in Western, Eastern and Central European culture.

Anežka Janátová

Anežka Janátová

She worked as a psychologist and later, as a director at the  Jedlicka´s Home for people with learning difficulties and physical handicaps. She founded The Tabor Academy of Social Arts. She has also established the Tabor Foundation and The Association for Social Therapy and Curative Education in the Czech Republic. Since 2008, she has been the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in the Czech Republic.

About the Conference

About the Conference, Terry Boardman - lecturer

I am a freelance lecturer, author, and translator (German, Japanese), married to a Japanese, with one 28 year-old son who lives in Tokyo with his wife and two young daughters. I have been a student of anthroposophy since 1981 and joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1983 ... read article

A Bridge between the West and the Middle, Vladimir Havrda - organizer

It all started with just a handful of participants of the Rose Cross conference in Emerson College at Easter 2007. While most of them seemed to regard the contents with mild interest and relaxed detachment, in the soul of one sounded a loud wake-up call: “This is what we urgently need in Middle Europe. This is the key to unlock the door to our forgotten home.” ... read article

Programmes from the previous years

Programme 2020

9.-11. October 2020 in the Waldorfschool, Mezi rolemi 8, Praha 5 - Jinonice 158 00 (new yellow building)

You will find below the topics of this year´s conference. The detailed programme will be available soon and posted here. Registered applicants will receive the detailed programme together with other information about the conference by e-mail.

Humanity in global crisis: The virus as a symptom for an existential spiritual challenge. / Markus Osterrieder

Both the respiratory disease itself, with fear spreading everywhere, as well as the comprehensive measures that were imposed by states worldwide after the onset of the disease (lockdown, mandatory masks) directly target the rhythmical nature of the human being (breathing, blood circulation, heartbeat). Again, one has to raise the question about the true image of man today, in education and science. Markus's contribution will also address the risk of human decision-making that is increasingly hindered and replaced by machine-programmed algorithms (a technocratic "algocracy"), but also the problem of the so-called "gain-of-function" research as part of transhumanist ideology. He will also discuss the promotion of so-called e-learning by media groups such as Google and Microsoft, at the expense of direct social contact and exchange in human education. But insight into how the attacks on the inner human being take place can also mobilise one's own spiritual immunity forces.

The spiritual signature of our present situation. What powers are at play in the present situation? How are they working? What is asked of us in response? / Richard Ramsbotham

Those who have attended former 'Rose Cross in Europe' conferences will remember our focus on spiritual streams that often unite in opposition against the true, universally human, evolving path into the future. The present situation is clearly a crisis-point for humanity, which has long been 'in the making'. Amidst the rapidly intensifying changes and challenges we are facing can we recognise the oppositional powers at work? If so, what particular forms are they taking and how are they working? Above all, from our perceptions and understanding of the above, what is it possible to say in the light of spiritual science about how we can respond to the present crisis, and what potential solutions to it may be envisaged.

Into the 'New Normal'? From 2020 to 2030 / Terry Boardman

In this new decade our culture is accelerating into profound crisis. We have been repeatedly told that the world after COVID-19 will be a different world. A "new normal". Who is telling us this? Who wants this and why? What story are they telling us? Is a "new normal" even possible? Is the very concept of it not a contradiction - like "social distancing"? We cannot make sense of where we are heading if we cannot place our current situation in the context of how we have got here, of how we have evolved. We are currently being moved, 'willed' by a force that is not ours. In order to "truly live", we need to exercise 'Spirit-Remembering' and recall our spiritual origins - the origin of our I, and its possibility for freedom in this modern age which is the age of subterranean technology. Terry's talk will pull some of the threads of spiritual and contemporary history together that he has discussed in previous conferences in Prague. Through this, the aim will be to throw light on the current crisis, so that we can begin to answer the question: what kind of a new world do we actually want?

Work at spirit remembering... work at spirit sensing... work at spirit envisioning / Anežka Janátová

In the Foundation Stone meditation Rudolf Steiner gives us three basic spiritual exercies and says where each one of them can lead us. Spirit remembering leads us to true living in cosmic human being. Spirit sensing leads to true feeling in the deeds of the human soul. Spirit envisioning leads to true thinking in the essence of the human spirit. All three exercises lead to the truth, and that is why they create the most powerful instrument against the opposing spiritual and human forces. In my lecture I shall try to cast light on the causes and consequences of real endeavours to achieve remembering, sensing and envisioning one's spiritual essence in the micro- and macrocosm.

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