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A three-day conference examining the deeper historical challenges facing Europe in the 20th and 21st centuries.

The conference The Rose Cross in Europe 2019 will take place 4 – 6 October 2019. Details comming soon.


Terry Boardman

Terry Boardman

I am a freelance lecturer, author and translator (from German and Japanese), my wife is Japanese and we have a 30 year-old son who lives in Australia, with his wife and two daughters.

Markus Osterrieder

Markus Osterrieder

Freelance international historian, lecturer and teacher – from Norway to Iran and from Ireland to Russia. His particular interest is in the spiritual, cultural and geopolitical relationships between America, Europe, the East and Eurasia. He is currently working on the historical origins of the Grail epic in the cultures of western and eastern Christianity as well as in (esoteric) Islam and Judaism.

Richard Ramsbotham

Richard Ramsbotham

A writer and theatre practitioner living in the UK. He is currently directing Rudolf Steiner's 4th Mystery Drama. Both in his writing and his performance pieces (e.g. Who Wrote Bacon? and I am Andrej Belyj) he has been exploring for many years “true and false paths” in Western, Eastern and Central European culture.

Anežka Janátová

Anežka Janátová

She worked as a psychologist and later, as a director at the  Jedlicka´s Home for people with learning difficulties and physical handicaps. She founded The Tabor Academy of Social Arts. She has also established the Tabor Foundation and The Association for Social Therapy and Curative Education in the Czech Republic. Since 2008, she has been the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in the Czech Republic.

Pictures from the year 2016

About the Conference

About the Conference, Terry Boardman - lecturer

I am a freelance lecturer, author, and translator (German, Japanese), married to a Japanese, with one 28 year-old son who lives in Tokyo with his wife and two young daughters. I have been a student of anthroposophy since 1981 and joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1983 ... read article

A Bridge between the West and the Middle, Vladimir Havrda - organizer

It all started with just a handful of participants of the Rose Cross conference in Emerson College at Easter 2007. While most of them seemed to regard the contents with mild interest and relaxed detachment, in the soul of one sounded a loud wake-up call: “This is what we urgently need in Middle Europe. This is the key to unlock the door to our forgotten home.” ... read article

Programmes from the previous years

Programme 2017

1 - 3 December 2017 in the Anthroposophical Society, Hošťálkova street 392/1d, Praha 6

You will find below the topics of this year´s conference. The detailed programme will be available soon and posted here. Registered applicants will receive the detailed programme together with other information about the conference by e-mail.

Cultural and individual identity in an age of upheaval / Markus Osterrieder

How did the awareness of identity evolve throughout history? Why are we witnessing at present such a tremendous cultural, political and social struggle over the meaning of identity? What is the relationship between identity and the “I am”? 

The consciousness soul and the antisocial instinct / Markus Osterrieder

A symptom of the unfolding consciousness soul is its strong antisocial tendency. How can this be balanced by a true social impulse that does not fall back into group behaviour or collectivism? How do antisocial and social instincts appear in the deeper instincts of human beings? 

The Creation of the ‘New Community’ of the United States of Europe / Terry Boardman

Is this ‘new community’ in harmony with the Rose Cross impulse and with the spirit of the Consciousness Soul age? Who is behind this ‘new community’? What do they seek?

1917 and 2017:  Revolution and Counter-Revolution / Terry Boardman

Politics is about feelings,  values, interests. Trust in the traditional political forces of the so-called ‘centre’ is falling away. On ‘the Left’, Cultural Marxism and Identity Politics have largely replaced traditional economically-focused Marxism and Socialism; on ‘the Right’, there has been a resurgence in so-called populism and nationalism in reaction to developments from the Left and also in reaction to the drives of globalist capitalism. On both Left and Right, mutual intolerance and vituperation is growing. Is Europe falling back into the turmoil of the inter-war years (1919-1939) or are we in a very different place today? How are the monotheism and roles of the Semitic peoples (Jews and Arabs) to be understood in this context? How are 2016-2017 like 1848-1849? Are we really seeing a struggle between the values of ”1776” and those of (George Orwell’s novel) “1984”?  “Individualist freedom” and “collectivist authoritarianism”? “Globalism” and “nationalism”? Or is something else, something more positive, seeking to break through? 

Riddles at the heart of European culture (Novalis and Rosicrucianism) / Richard Ramsbotham

Novalis’s life and work contain significant riddles and questions relating to the Rosicrucian impulse in European culture, both historically and today. Among the themes we shall look at in connection with Novalis, are: Rosicrucianism – European culture (West, East and Middle) – the two Johns – Novalis and Goethe – social and antisocial forces – one-sided images of Novalis (with either Western or Catholicizing tendencies) – mining, spiritual science and medicine – apocalyptic history, current events and the spirit of play. 

Tales of Rosicrucian Initiation / Richard Ramsbotham

A performance by Richard Ramsbotham (speech) and Godlind Gaedeke (music) of prose and poetry by Rudolf Steiner, Novalis and others, closely connected to the themes of “The Rose Cross in Europe.”

Forces at work in the human soul and new diseases caused by these forces / Anežka Janátová

A new view of the essence of such diseases; the need for changes with regard to prevention - and to attitudes within families and school systems.

The consciousness soul in humanity today / Anežka Janátová

Education of new generations of both parents and children and the prerequisites for such an education. The unavoidable change in our way of thinking – from linear thinking to a truly “living” thinking. Rudolf Steiner remains undiscovered. 

Timeschedule 2017

The conference will start at 15.30 pm on Friday 1th of December 2017 and will close at 14.30 pm on Sunday 3th of December 2017. Timeschedule is avalailable also for downloading Rose cross 2017 - timeschedule (english) (application/pdf ~557kB)

Application Form 2017

The price is 90 Euros, students 30 Euros.

If you can not use the application form below, please send the application forms by post to the coordinator´s address: Tomáš Petr, The Tabor Academy of Social Arts, Španělská street 10, 120 00 Prague 2, tel.: (00420) 723 539 983, info@rose-cross.cz, www.akademietabor.cz.

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