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New phenomena in human development, the quest for spiritual identity and the overcoming of polarities: The present social and political situation from the perspective of European karma

This is the ninth successive annual conference of The Rose Cross in Europe. The aim of the conference, since the beginning, has been to shed light on contemporary culture and current events, including politics, spirituality, the arts and many other aspects of contemporary life. The first conference had to do with the early 17th Century, and with the difficulties of true Rosicrucianism finding its way amidst many counter-currents and the turbulent events of the time. In the following years, we have explored different periods and themes, always with the help of anthroposophy, attempting to find the true metamorphoses of the ‘Rose Cross in Europe’ as well as the hindrances these encounter.

This year, among our themes are: Europe and the Orient ‒ the present social and political situation from the perspective of European karma; Threefolding and the European Union; Anthroposophy and the “The European Project”; and the preservation and development of human qualities.

The conference will start at 3.30 pm on Friday 18th of November 2016 and will close at 2.30pm on Sunday 20nd of November 2016.

If you are interested in the conference, please see the programme and send your application. We will keep you informed and send a detailed programme and instructions after your application.

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Terry Boardman

Terry Boardman

Based in Stourbridge, England. A long-term student of history and of Rudolf Steiner's Spiritual Science. He was a university and college lecturer in English for 13 years in Japan and England, a eurythmist for 11 years, and is now a freelance writer, lecturer and a translator of Japanese and German.

Markus Osterrieder

Markus Osterrieder

Formerly a research fellow of the Institute for Eastern Europe (Osteuropa Institut), Munich, he is now a freelance historian, lecturer and writer, active in many European countries. He has a particular interest in the spiritual, geopolitical and cross-cultural exchanges between the continents.

Richard Ramsbotham

Richard Ramsbotham

A writer and theatre practitioner living in the UK. He lectured in English literature at Warsaw University (1989-1993). He is currently directing Rudolf Steiner's 3rd Mystery Drama in a contemporary English translation and working on a performance piece, in English and Russian, based on Andrej Belyj's poem Glossolalia.

Anežka Janátová

Anežka Janátová

She worked as a psychologist and later, as a director at the  Jedlicka´s Home for people with learning difficulties and physical handicaps. She founded The Tabor Academy of Social Arts. She has also established the Tabor Foundation and The Association for Social Therapy and Curative Education in the Czech Republic. Since 2008, she has been the General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in the Czech Republic.

About the Conference

About the Conference, Terry Boardman - lecturer

I am a freelance lecturer, author, and translator (German, Japanese), married to a Japanese, with one 28 year-old son who lives in Tokyo with his wife and two young daughters. I have been a student of anthroposophy since 1981 and joined the Anthroposophical Society in 1983 ... read article

A Bridge between the West and the Middle, Vladimir Havrda - organizer

It all started with just a handful of participants of the Rose Cross conference in Emerson College at Easter 2007. While most of them seemed to regard the contents with mild interest and relaxed detachment, in the soul of one sounded a loud wake-up call: “This is what we urgently need in Middle Europe. This is the key to unlock the door to our forgotten home.” ... read article

Programmes from the previous years

Programme 2016

18.-20 November 2016 in the Anthroposophical Society, Hošťálkova street 392/1d, Praha 6

You will find below the topics of this year´s conference. The detailed programme will be available soon and posted here. Registered applicants will receive the detailed programme together with other information about the conference by e-mail.

The topics of the lectures are available in a brochure. Download Rose cross 2016 - brochure (english) (application/pdf ~427kB) .

Europe and the Orient: The present social and political situation from the perspective of European karma / Markus Osterrieder

The dramatic increase in wars and political turmoil in the Near and Middle East (as well as in Eastern Europe) and the migration question show that these problems can no longer be resolved by old ways of thinking. Nor will fear and an antipathetic rejection of what is often considered to be a “foreign civilization” help to create solutions for the future. Through understanding of the deeper karmic riddles at stake, European societies will be able to take the necessary steps of spiritual transformation that may open the way for social and political reform. From this point of view, the present dangers are in reality a mirror, in which we can see our own shadow.

Overcoming polarity: The quest for spiritual identity and the middle / Markus Osterrieder

Over the last two years, there has been a drastic increase in polarizing conflicts and confrontations among human beings. This can be observed in many countries and in all kinds of issues, not only in politics and social life. Why has this been happening? What are the forces at work that we can find in our own souls, trying to pull us this way or into the opposite direction? Under the influence of polarization, human beings and societies can be easily manipulated in their emotions and instincts. This can be demonstrated by the thoughts of Samuel Huntington who claimed in 1998 that if human beings want to love, they also need to hate, and if they want to find their identity, they need an enemy. To find the middle beyond the two poles is not an easy task. But only by striving for a spiritual middle can we avoid the increasing danger of a “war of all against all”.

Europe, My Country and Myself – The Roman Spectre, the “Protestant”* Spirit and Social Threefolding in the 21st Century / Terry Boardman

We need to identify and “protest” against what Rudolf Steiner called the “spectre of Rome” in European culture, both inside us and outside us, if we are to free ourselves and Europe from Roman thoughts and habits and become appropriately modern. Europe was not ready for a “protestant” impulse in the early 15th century but had become more receptive 100 years later. Today, it seems that Europeans might be  ready to be more open for the impulse of the “threefold social organism” than 100 years ago when Steiner first introduced it. Terry Boardman’s two presentations will consider the European Union as a modern manifestation of the Roman spectre, the British “protest” against it in the “Brexit” referendum this year, how real or unreal that protest was and remains, and what it means for Europeans today: in their soul life, in relation to the emergence of social threefolding, and in the wider context of East-West relations in the 21st century.

*The word “Protestant” is in quotation marks because it does not refer here only to the sphere of religion.

Anthroposophy and the “The European Project” / Richard Ramsbotham

Besides the powerful financial and political interests involved in the European Union, many people also experience huge tides of feeling and idealism for the cultural possibilities of the “The European project”. What lies behind such waves of feeling and idealism? To what extent are the cultural ideals of the EU identical to or different from the deepest strivings of European spiritual life?

Rudolf Steiner’s 4th (and final) Mystery Drama (written in 1913) also depicts a “project” for the renewal of contemporary civilization, right into the economic sphere and even the technological realm. The project “fails” – but how it does so is not only instructive, but also in a certain sense prophetic of much that we witness today. Profound emphasis is placed on the need to understand the destructive powers around one, in order to discern and eventually to redeem them. 

These two lectures will also look at the new characteristics brought into European spiritual life by spiritual science (or anthroposophy), and how these differ from what is to be found in more popular soul-spiritual strivings, and from the stream of contemporary life inaugurated in the 17th Century by Francis Bacon and Amos Comenius. 

Changes in the Perception of Reality Caused by “Virtual Reality” / Anežka Janátová

Virtual reality streams into people’s perception. We pursue illusions because we want to play (e.g. Pokemon). The word begins to lose its true value. People who are under the influence of virtual reality may consider a promise fulfilled just by speaking it out without actually doing anything about it. The words we speak can be twisted in so many ways.

The Preservation of Human Qualities / Anežka Janátová

The quest for self-sufficiency: running a farm. The return to working with the soil and with original crafts. The development of independent schools and the creation of new communities. The return to traditions, the search for the natural rythm of life.

Timeschedule 2016

The conference will start at 15.30 pm on Friday 18nd of November 2016 and will close at 14.30 pm on Sunday 20th of November 2016. Timeschedule is avalailable also for downloading Rose cross 2016 - timeschedule (english) (application/pdf ~462kB)

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Attention! The conference will start on Friday 18th of November 2016

The conference Rose Cross in Europe. IX will start at 3.30 pm on Friday 18th of November 2016 and will close at 4pm on Sunday 20nd of November 2016.

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